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The first time I thought about creating a personal website was to showcase the stuff I have done and will continue to do regarding design, visual art and programming. It was going to be a clean, simplistic layout with a portfolio, an about me info, current project page and so forth. Since godblasyou comes from “god bless you” I wanted to keep a religious theme to it. I am not sure if religious is the right word. I just wanted something god-like with clouds and auras rays of light but nothing that would reflect my views on religion. When buying the domain, some people were concerned that the website name itself was a bit blasphemous. I am not in the least concerned with coming off blasphemous. This is not about religion. I am just having fun with the wording of the phrase god bless you. The more and more I planned on making my portfolio site, the more I thought about making it more interactive. I came up with several options and I would like to discuss it first. Here are some of my ideas:

Simple portfolio website: Like I said above, this option is the fastest to do because will require less work. I have several really cool animated navigational menu system that would make the site interactive and simple. It would include portfolio, a photo gallery, about me section, a place where you can view all my past and current projects and contact me. It will still keep the godlike theme but less animation will be involved.

Earth, Heaven and Hell: This idea is the one I like the most because it can be developed fairly quickly yet still maintain some complexity and interaction. You start off in the home page on the earth crust. With plants, buildings, mountains, people etc. The environments will reflect on the time the user is checking the website. If he/she checks the website at night, the moon would be out and the sky would be dark. The Content (menu, news, text) of the homepage will be centered in the middle OR spread out through out the earth’s crust. For example, if you roll over your mouse on a city or a mountain (just examples for right now), they will animate and text about that section will appear. Like this: the buildings could represent my News section, once I roll over the mouse the city could light up depending on the time and show the latest fields of the news/blogs.

THEN once you click somewhere to view my portfolio, everything will animate so that you are being transported to hell. So from the earth crust you can see that everything is scrolling down through the layers of the earth or whatnot until it reaches the very bottom. Once in hell, there will be flames and obviously everything will be evil and devilish. Nothing sick looking though. I still want to maintain a humorous feel. Maybe on a corner you might see Hitler as a kindergarten teacher lol. But it will obviously have tones of red and orange and animated fire and sparks everywhere. Why is my portfolio in hell? Because my portfolio will be hot! lol ok cheesy joke moving on.
The about me/contact me section will be in heaven. From wherever you may be, hell or the earth’s crust. You will scroll up to heaven where clouds, rays of light and angels will be waiting for you. I still do not know what I want in heaven. Maybe me playing beerpong with jesus??? If you have any suggestions let me know.

Interactive Earth, Heaven and Hell Chatroom: This idea might be a little far off but I think it is possible with some extra time. This might actually an upgrade later on if I decide to go with the Earth, Heaven and Hell idea. Imagine a small Blas world where you can go around chating with people and move around a customizable character that looks like you? For example, you create a character and by using the arrows you can move it left or right and go up to other people and chat with them. I have actually seen this idea done before but I still would love to add to it.

In this godblasyou world, you will frequently and randomly sneeze during your visit. Since they say your soul leaves your body when you sneeze and it goes back in when people say god bless you (heard it on The Simposons) How fun would it be to implement that in this world? Once you sneeze, a little ghost (your soul) that looks like you will hover over you. People will have the chance to come up to you and give you their blessings or as I will call it blassings. If you see someone running around with their soul out, you can get close to them and say “God Blas You Brother!” so their soul and body can become one again. When you are in sneezing mode, your sneezing might be contagious depending on how strong you sneeze, you will not be able to chat with others and your soul will slowly keep separating from you until it leaves you. Once it leaves you, you can no longer control your body. Your body will fall to the ground and die. However you can get resurrected! You will need a party five people to stand around you holding hands and god blas you. Once this is done. You will be new again.

There will also be Judgment Time! Randomly in a spam between 5 to 15 minutes. It will be decided for you whether your life on earth was good enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go to hell. Every time you infect a person with your sneezing, your karma will go down. Every time you godblas someone, your karma will increase. For the people who went around trying to infect other players with the sneezels, they will go to hell during Judgment Time. I don’t want to get too much into the details of judgment time nor how to get out of hell once your there.
It would truly be a great experience if there are a lot of people on the site interacting with each other while at the same time playing a game and helping each other out. Of course there will be evil things that you can do but for now I only want people to get the main idea of this option I would like to pursue. Programming something like this will require a lot of time and hard work but the outcome would be amazing.

Heavenly Humor: This option was probably the first that came to mind. I wanted to have my site with clouds and everything heavenly with the picture of me photoshoped on the background (the banner picture). The clouds would slowly be moving to the side. I was thinking of having the content and text on the clouds or just centered on the stage. Have funny things flying around. I kind of gave up on this option because it wasn’t interactive, it was too easy to make and it didn’t show any effort. Still if I find myself in a tight schedule, I might just put something like this until I can do something better.

So those are some of my options, I will update this if I think of any more. Let me know if you would like to see a feature or idea on the site. I am open to suggestions and advice, will give you credit for it.

Haha Minesweeper The Movie!